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Ruth Ross of the Chatham Courier said of Gina's performance in A.R. Guerney's Sylvia:
"But the best has been saved for last. Sylvia, played by the delightful Gina Priano. Whether she is barking, jumping on the sofa, looking scruffy or groomed, at all times the audience accepts as a dog, not as the attractive young woman she is."

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Pittsburgh Post Gazette

Local filmmakers compete against the clock -- and each other -- in a novel filmmaking contest.

By Chris Young

Sat., Aug. 4, 2- p.m.

The films lead actresses, Anji Corley and Gina Priano , act out their lines on the rehearsal room bed as Stockwell, crouching at their feet, looks on with a copy of the script clenched in his teeth.

"I need you to time me like a racehorse," he tells one assistant. "This is like energy-drink direction, dude."